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Our history!!

Mortlake has a rich and storied history in the art of tapestry making, a tradition that dates back centuries. This picturesque area flourished particularly during the reign of King James I in the early 17th century. Under his patronage, the Mortlake Tapestry Works produced some of the most exquisite tapestries in the world. Among the famous artworks created here are the intricate "Mortlake Forest" tapestry, renowned for its depiction of local wildlife, and the "Harvest Festival" tapestry, celebrated for its vibrant representation of community life.

In honor of this illustrious tradition, we named our establishment The Tapestry Tapas Bar. We, as proud owners, have delved into the history of Mortlake’s tapestry-making heritage and have made it our mission to preserve and celebrate this connection. Just as the pub is a cornerstone of British society, fostering community bonds and celebrating local history, The Tapestry Tapas Bar respects and admires these deep-rooted traditions. We are dedicated to maintaining the tapestry’s relationship with the local community and upholding the cultural legacy of Mortlake.

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